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Kondor manages the distribution of consumer electronic accessories into high street retail, online, mass merchant and B2C. But we do more than just logistics: we offer a comprehensive range of services to partners around the world.

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What We Do

Kondor works in the consumer electronics accessories industry. We don’t just distribute, we work closely with brands and retailers on every aspect of go-to-market strategies and even design products to fit market needs. Because of this we have a wide range of career opportunities within the company.

Our Culture & Values

The culture and values within the company revolve around growth and development, both for the business, and the individuals that work here. The atmosphere is very friendly and people are genuinely happy to come to work. The rewards are good too.

Our Premises

Set in the beautiful Christchurch area of Dorset, Kondor HQ is both large and modern. We are five minutes’ drive from the beach if you like a peaceful lunch, and just off the A35 if you need easy travel links.