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Recruitment Process

So what happens after I’ve applied to Kondor?



You’ll come to our lovely office in Christchurch for an interview, so you can see the sort of environment we like to work in. This will be with the recruiting manager and someone else, either from HR or another member of the department you’ve applied to. The interview will last around an hour, depending on the department.


Dress code

We enjoy a more relaxed and creative atmosphere here at Kondor so suits aren’t expected – but if you feel more comfortable in one, please go ahead. The important thing is that you feel comfortable, which we believe promotes creativity and productivity, but please just bear in mind that if you’d be too embarrassed to wear it to the shops; perhaps you need to have a rethink!


Second interview

If it’s a great first interview, then we’ll want to see you again for a second interview which could take a bit longer – up to 3 hours. It’ll usually involve a test that relates to the role you’re applying for, or giving a presentation that you would have prepared beforehand.



Impressed us beyond anyone else? We’ll offer you the role, sending your contract, induction pack, and anything else you may need to start working here. Your induction pack includes information about each department; give you a better understanding of the business, and how we work together, so you’ll feel confident and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive.


Start your Career at Kondor!