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Kondor becomes part of Exertis

Kondor becomes part of Exertis

----------- By on 10/07/2019

Kondor becomes part of Exertis

An exciting change at Kondor. Exertis is now our parent company and will be taking us forward in the coming years!

Exertis is the technology arm of DCC plc, a leading route-to-market and supply chain partner for more than 1,400 global and emerging technology brands, selling to more than 50,000 reseller and retailer customers focused on consumer, mobile, business, enterprise and IT Supplies.

What does this mean for our customers?

DCC plc, is a FTSE100 company. This provides a strong financial foundation for Exertis to invest in Kondor and our people, to ensure we can grow, reach our full potential, and become the go-to distributor for our customers.

The acquisition also creates new opportunities. We are now in a stronger position to develop our key brands, branch out and offer an even more competitive edge over the competition in terms of what we can deliver.

What does the future now hold for Kondor?

At Kondor, we are excited by the future. Not only can we now achieve our ambitious plans to expand into new territories and develop internationally, we can also invest in the right resource and technology to continue staying ahead of the game.

With this new acquisition, we will continue to grow our influence in the retail industry - excelling in category management, research & development, sourcing, and e-commerce. In addition, we can also now expand our marketing services to support more brands and position them in the right channels.

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