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It’s impossible to summarise what Kondor does in one sentence. Because there are lots of different parts to the business. Each part adds value, and you need every part to make the business work. That’s where you come in.

Our bread and butter

At the very heart of Kondor is distribution. Kondor is the UK’s leading distributor of consumer electronics and accessories into high-street retailers and online.

Put simply, this means that we act as the middleman to help brands get their products to market through our trusted relationships with retailers.

Our brands

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty passionate when it comes to consumer tech and accessories.

so we built our own brands from scratch and distribute them into retailers too. We have (a huge) 17 different own brands, from headphones and speakers to action cameras and power banks.


But, what really makes Kondor stand out from the crowd is the range and the level of services that we can provide. Unlike any other distributor we have built strong integral teams within the business that positions us as a strategic partner and we’d love you to be a part of that.

In-House Marketing Agency.

We are lucky enough to have a full-service, in-house marketing agency with a team of 18 strong creative individuals who are experts in their field. They work collaboratively with brands and retailers to produce powerful marketing materials and offer everything from graphic design, print management, photography, web design, 3D modelling, videography, copywriting, PR and social media management.

Advanced eCommerce.

Kondor offers a one-stop-shop for brands wanting to create a range and sell it online. We handle everything end-to-end, from stock holding the products in our warehouse, working closely with the brand to ensure all assets meets their guidelines, we take care of the customer communication on the brand’s behalf, from delivery updates to customer services and even returns. What’s better yet – there’s very low risk to the brand and no upfront cost to them at all. They only pay when their stock sells. So it’s a win, win!

Category Management / Channel Management.

Kondor has an exceptional ability to understand and respond to different channels. From retail to online, and grocer to mobile networks, we use our experience and expertise to examine customer behaviours to help retailers bring the right products to market, through the right channel, at the right time to maximise sales. Retailers are assigned a dedicated account manager to work on their account; this personalised approach helps to develop a thriving business relationship, which builds trust and confidence in us as a business.

R&D and Sourcing.

We have a multi-disciplined design and development team responsible for researching and sourcing the right technology. We look at the market and different channels and then design and develop products to solve a business problem and fulfil a market need. These guys are constantly surfing the net to find the next big thing, reading tech blogs and attending trade shows to discover new trends in technology and how they can be applied to our business. It’s pretty exciting!

Logistics and Warehousing.

We have state-of-the-art warehousing on site at our HQ in Christchurch. Our 120,000 square foot warehouse can hold over 8,000 pallet locations and 34,000 pick bins. We process all the orders we receive in real-time, so as soon as an order is received, it can be picked, packed and posted all in the same day using our fully-automated systems. And with over 100,000 units a day shipped in peak periods – it’s not hard to see why some of the biggest brands in the world want to work with us!

Systems and Solutions.

Our IT guys are the best in the business. They call themselves ‘technology enablers’ because they build the platforms so that our customers can buy and sell their products through the correct channels. They custom-built a unique VMI solution that has the capabilities to handle the entire fulfilment process from stock management to replenishment. And with their expert knowledge of channels and consumer tech, the lead-time to get a new application up and running is faster than most – not that we like to brag or anything.

Sound Good?

Check out our current vacancies and if you see a role you like, get in touch!

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